PLEASE make sure you have read and understood the FAQ before placing an order! We do things a little old school around here. Check the blog for why!
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    An outfitter used to be thought of the same way as a tailor... only instead of suits it was adventure. They provided custom solutions tailored to the needs of the inquiring party by creating, curating and organizing the various kit elements the client would use during their travels. Yellow Birch Outfitters was created in that same traditional image... and that's where the Custom Shop comes in.


    Here at YBO we live for the one-offs, the crazy ideas, the unique solutions. Every product we keep in stock here started as one of those necessities. Yep, even the PocKit, or our Pancake knife sheaths that are oh-so love handle friendly.


    If you need something special to tackle a unique situation, or you need us to tweak something we already make to handle your needs, we're here for you. We will work with you step-by-step to create a piece that is uniquely yours; from design, to pattern, color and material. We use only the best hand selected materials and time-tested techniques to ensure your piece is replete with all of the impeccable craftsmanship you have come to expect as the hallmark of Yellow Birch Outfitters. As a veteran owned company it's also incredibly important to us that we strive to keep as many of those materials as possible sourced from companies right here at home, supporting American labor and jobs.

    This is also the place to ask us about custom versions of the PocKit in some of our limited fabric options that wouldn't be regularly available in the stocked colors or sprint runs. If we have it, so can you! Check our Social Media feed (or the photos at bottom of our main page) to see what is currently available.

    If you're local to us, it gets even better! We can tailor to your needs a lot more and bring you into the shop so you can be more fully involved in the process. This INCLUDES firearms and holsters for combinations as unique as you are*. Can't find a holster to carry your CCW combo? Now you can!


    Contact us today, and let's create something uniquely yours.



    *Yellow Birch Outfitters is NOT an FFL and can not receive your actual firearm for custom work through the mail at this time. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Local customers must be present with their firearm at all times of service. Want to come in for a visit? Please contact the shop for all necessary precautions and safety practices necessary to bring your gear in. Thank you!