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Custom Handmade Pancake Trapper Style Knife Sheath

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A trusty pocketknife is something every man should have on him at all times.

It's been said time and again. While we would probably have our man cards pulled for carrying all of the things we need to carry on an every day basis in a bag to be prepared for everything society says a man should be prepared for (which never really stops me), we nonetheless have to be prepared for the daily things a guy should be able to do. The problem with all of this is that pocket space is at a definite premium, and having your pockets stuffed presents a bad appearance, and it leaves you digging for things you might need quickly. Add to that the fact that knives love to find their way to the bottom of the pocket, and lay there sideways (digging into your thigh) or that the sweat from your daily activities can EASILY rust a nice carbon steel blade, and carrying a good knife seems like an impossible chore.

The solution was discovered a long time ago. Carry it on your belt! The pancake sheath has been around for a LONG time. Leather tabs on either side allow you to weave your belt into the sheath and keep your knife close to your body. My design goes a step further with a steep angled carry that creates a minimal profile so it won't dig into the belly no matter where you carry it (I know from first hand here... I am among the bellied masses). The angle also allows the knife to settle into the sheath adding more protection from your knife falling out when you bend over.

Crafted from two facing layers of 5oz. vegetable tanned leather, cemented and stitched with #138 thread in your choice of colors, this sheath will last you the rest of your days.There are no rough sides exposed leaving a nice polished look. Fits up to a 2" belt.

Please note that without your knife, I can NOT wet form these to your specific blade. Pictured is a completed sheath made to fit my own trapper knife. What you will receive with this is a finished sheath that you can easily wet form yourself... instructions are all over the web. You're also not receiving a knife, just the sheath... sorry guys, that knife was a gift from my wife, and my son has already laid claim to it when I'm good and gone...

Proudly made in the USA by someone who proudly served it!

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