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Handmade Bison Brown Leather Belt Key Clip, 12 colors available

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Keys: the bane of the pocket (especially since the advent of those goofy rewards cards tags). Nothing bulks up a front pocket or digs in worse. Options are limited for carrying them, especially for guys who don't want to "rock the Murse".

Here for your thigh pain relieving pleasure is a simple belt key clip. Hand crafted from vegetable tanned leather, dyed in a Bison Brown and sealed with heavy duty waterproofer, the clip is finished with a brass quick clip, and matching button stud. It's silhouette hides simply at your side, where you can keep those keys easily accessible, and nicely tucked away. Keys snap in quickly and effortlessly, and come out just as easily. The AnachronistInc A is proudly emblazoned at the top of the strap as a mark of quality. This clip will age wonderfully as it rides shotgun on your daily adventures. It's also sweat and water friendly, using brass and leather, so don't worry about losing your keys on your bike, motorcycle or epic fishing trip.

We pared this item down to aesthetically wonderful minimalism, removing even stitching in favor of a screwed in button stud to make sure this is something that will last as long as you do... and maybe even longer. It will fit belts past 2 inches in width, and has a 3/4 inch strap width.


Proudly made in the USA by someone who proudly served it.

Materials: Vegetable Tanned Leather,Brass