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Handmade Veg tanned Leather Double Headphone Cord Wrangler

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I'm definitely a victim of the 90s, and our obsession with Messenger Bags and backpacks. I carry one everywhere, and my kids call it "Dad's Magic Bag" because any time they need something, it's in there. Call it prepared if you will, there's a ton of stuff in my bag. It being the 21st century, there is a fair amount of it that's technology, and with that comes wires. GOBS of them. Charging cords, sync cords, connection cords, and yes, headphones.

Not every bag out there has nice little pockets for everything, especially if you're a bit of a luddite like I am. I've seen birds staring at my bag with a little drool hanging from their beaks when I pull out the birds-nest that all of those cords have become. I needed to do something about it. I've tried a bunch of options already out on the market, and there always seemed to be something wrong with them. Sometimes, my cords weren't long enough, other times too long. Single-fold bands tend to let the loop slip out of the bottom, so you're just delaying the inevitable. Then one morning at breakfast it hit me... PUT THE SNAP IN THE MIDDLE!! So I ran into the workshop, practically knocking my wife over in the process and went to work. When I walked out later on for my coffee, a big smile on my face I dropped this in her hand.

Constructed from thick vegetable tanned leather and a brass button stud, this is as durable and timeless as they come. two loops of leather taper out to the edges and combine to hold each side of your cord loop preventing anything from sliding out. Everything stays nice and secure, and looks great to boot!

The cord wrangler is available in a bunch of colors to suit any look or mood. Or, buy a bunch of colors to easily identify cords for different purposes (I know most cords come in black or white, but there can be a bunch of them in those me). These will fit any modern day headphones, sync cords, patch cables or the like.

Proudly made in the USA by someone who proudly served it!

Materials: vegetable tanned leather,brass button stud