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May Hank of the Month "Remember"

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May to me is all about remembering. Both the birth of my sons, and the price paid for our freedom. Memorial Day is a time to reflect on those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our ability to enjoy everything we hold dear. This isn't just those souls lost to the war on terror, but fighting against the Vietcong, the Nazis, The Japanese, ourselves during the civil war and the English in our fight to BE America. As a veteran, taking the time to remember this is very important to me.

In honor of the brave Americans that laid their life on the line for us, our first hank of the month is dedicated to them. A vintage style print of red and blue stripes with ink stains on one side, and faded blue stars on a field of white on the other. I call it Remember. I'm sure you will every time you pull it out to wipe the sweat from your brow, like so many before you.

These are limited to 20 hanks, and will disappear at the end of the month (or when they're gone!). Grab one while you can, you won't see them again!

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