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Natural thick veg tanned leather lanyard shackle keychain

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One of the most overlooked items in a person's every day carry is the keychain and yet oddly enough, it's one of the things people tend to look at most. A keychain is a subtle way of describing the personality of it's owner. How many times have you marveled at the person pulling out what can only be described as a cross between a prison guard's keyring, an wind chime and a scrap book? (I have a few in my family that definitely fall into that category).

Key chains should be elegant, but not sacrifice function for form. They should help the owner hold and retrieve their keys easily, organize them well, but not be bulky affairs that mess with the lines of a pair of pants. A touch of class is always helpful too.

The keychain offered here presents a unique way of accomplishing all of these qualities. Made from nice stout 8 oz vegetable tanned leather, it's as dependable as they come. The leather will age marvelously as the oils from your hands tan it and moisturize it. It will only get better with age and use. It is double saddle stitched with with white waxed thread securely to a stainless steel shackle. The shackle has a knurled knob making screwing and unscrewing key rings a breeze, even in gloves (read that as when you're sitting in your car, and need to grab something in the house, you can keep the car running, especially welcome in New England winters).

The lanyard is long enough to fit over thick wrists, or be looped into a belt loop to hang at your waist without being so long that it tickles your knee while you drive in shorts.

Proudly made in the USA by someone who proudly served it.

Materials: Leather,waxed thread,stainless steel