The Peck Mountain Field Bag

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FINALLY... the PocKit PRO Modern Carry!

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Our Mission

"Gear you can Beat On, Count On, and Hand Down".

Here at Yellow Birch Outfitters, we have an old-fashioned view of how things should be. Gear built to be reliable and trustworthy, looks that are timeless, and quality that can be counted on for generations. Our handmade gear utilizes both modern and traditional materials and techniques to blend the past with the future, and we stock brands that think the same way so even though you may WANT to buy new gear, you never HAVE to again.

EDC 101 visits Yellow Birch Outfitters

April 21, 2017

EDC 101 visits Yellow Birch Outfitters

After EDC 101 honored my shop with its inclusion of the PocKit in their Top EDC Organizers article I began a dialogue with Dave over at EDC 101. Sounding like the kind of guy I enjoy, I invited him down for an evening...

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The PocKit was just featured on!

March 31, 2017

The PocKit was just featured on!

This morning I was sent an email from Dave Estes on informing us that the PocKit was  featured in their search for the perfect EDC pocket organizer. We are both humbled and honored to have not only made the pick but the top of the list!

Check the link below for the full article. Great stuff guys!

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The Future of Yellow Birch Outfitters

March 28, 2017

The Future of Yellow Birch Outfitters

Yellow Birch Outfitters started in January of 2014 as a romanticized idea. I wanted to bring a bit of our past back, because I believed (and still do) that we need it.

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It's that time of year again, and I can't believe how fast it went! It seems like only yesterday I was wrapping up the last holiday season. Just like last year, Yellow Birch Outfitters is


I have a feeling this one is going to be busier than the last, so if it takes me a few days to get to your emails, you'll have to forgive me. Like always, YBO is a ONE MAN operation, and I'll be using ALL of my time to get orders out to you as quickly as possible. I thank you in advance for your patience. Have a WONDERFUL holiday season! I look forward to being a part of your holidays!!

With Warmest Regards,


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