Thank you all for 10 amazing years. Orders are now closed, and those placed will ship out shortly. Please use the message feature below to check in if you need info
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    ~What is your guarantee?

    Yellow Birch Outfitters stands behind its mission statement of "Gear you can beat on, count on, and hand down". That guarantee is unconditional, and for the life of the product regardless of the owner. You shouldn't guarantee an owner, just what you make for them. IF your product ever fails you, email us. We'll take care of it.

    Clear signs of misuse or alteration of products may generate a charge for the work, and this warrantee does NOT include items we didn't make, those are covered by the individual company warrantees.

    ~Can I customize my order, or have something special made?

    Email jay@yellowbirchoutfitters to discuss your idea, project or concept. Custom work is taken on a case by case basis and is dependent on many factors including how backed up the wait list is, and availability of materials needed. It never hurts to ask!

    ~Do you offer any discounts?

    We have partnered with GovX to use their verification system for military discounts, but for other organizations (LE, First Responders or the like), please email us to discuss a discount! We do have a few of the old codes sitting around for those who have earned a bit of a break. 

    Subscribe to our lists to be notified of any upcoming sales or specials if you're looking to save! We don't email often, and we DON'T sell lists!

    ~Do you monogram your items?

    Yes, but only some. Leather items can be monogrammed, fabric can not. Also, thinner items like folders while they CAN be monogrammed, don't take very well so we don't recommend it.

    ~How much is it to monogram my item?

    Monogramming is $10 for every three letter monogram (first, middle, and last initial used). The minimum monogramming charge is $10 whether it's one, two or three letters. For other monogramming ideas, email us for rates.

    ~I need my order by a certain date, what can I do?

    Please contact to work out the details for your time sensitive order. Most of the time, we can make it work.

    ~How do I know how long the wait is?

    Look to the main page for updates on the wait list including which leather orders dates are currently on the work bench. As everything YBO is now handmade to order, wait times can fluctuate based on production schedules. We work in a constant rotation of thread colors, so the wait varies by what color we are on now. If you're concerned about the timeline, it's always best to message us.

    Average wait times for custom leatherwork range around 4 weeks, though we are always looking to improve that!

    ~Can I cancel my order?

    Cancellations must be made prior to notification of shipment. Monogrammed or custom orders can usually be cancelled unless they are in production. Contact to discuss the situation.

    ~How do you ship?

    All orders are shipped via USPS. How fast it will get to you depends on what you choose during checkout. Should you require us to use another service, PLEASE reach out to us to discuss this BEFORE placing your order.

    ~It's been a while, and I haven't heard anything about my leather order yet. What's going on?!

    Typically how things work here at the YBO work bench is this: Your order comes in and it is put in line for completion. If you ordered something other than YBO Leather gear, it should ship shortly where you will receive an email with tracking info (depending on how you chose to have it shipped). If you chose some of our hand-made gear, it will wait in line behind the other orders that need to be completed. As soon as your order is next in line it will begin being created, and once complete will ship out to you (with the same shipping email as described above). 

    We know it seems like a long time, but in doing things to order this is how it works. Believing in the right way to do things also means you have the same old wait your grandparents did too. Don't worry, we've been doing this for a while now, and have never missed an order, or failed to ship anything. It's coming as soon as we can get it to you.

     ~My package seems to be lost, help!

    This is one of the tricky things about doing business online. Sometimes... things just seem to disappear. Maybe someone along the way REALLY wanted it, or it fell off a conveyor in Kalamazoo. Sometimes they can find it, and sometimes not. We're a pretty popular shop, and a small one at that. That said, there's only so much we can do once the package leaves with the postman. IF you purchased Priority shipping, it comes with $50 in insurance, and you can submit a claim with your post office. if you opted for the cheapest possible shipping... I hate to say it, but we CAN'T be held responsible for anything that leaves our doors and doesn't reach you. It gets cost prohibitive quickly, and we've been scammed in the past by people looking for freebies. How sad is that. IF YOU'RE WORRIED ABOUT YOUR PACKAGE... BUY INSURANCE FOR IT. We can't be free insurance anymore, and for that I'm incredibly sorry.

     ~Why doesn't my item look just like the one in the pictures?

    This one is two-fold. Since all Yellow Birch Outfitters branded merchandise is hand made, there is going to be some variation to each item. We do the best we can to keep it all the same, but that little difference is what makes yours truly unique. Rest easy knowing a lot of thought and labor went into making sure your item is just right.

    Secondly, we are in the habit of continually improving our products over time both from testing it ourselves, as well as feedback from customers. This feedback can result in design changes here and there... all designed to make your item work better. If we changed the listing every time there was an incremental update it would have a HUGE impact on what we had to charge to cover extra costs, so we don't. If there is a change big enough to warrant a new item, we will relist it.

    ~Something is wrong with my order. What can I do about it?

    Well, nobody is perfect, ourselves included. With that said, please understand that every item we make is hand made, and as such you should expect some natural variation in each piece. Items made of leather are also natural materials, and no two are ever alike. Some leather will exhibit natural marks of the animal which we never hide. Mosquito bites, scars, branding, or natural wrinkles in the grain are a sign of good leather and part of the charm of using a natural material like leather. 

    If there is a genuine problem with your order, or something has not been correctly made, PLEASE contact us. We will do everything in our power to fix it for you and make it right.



    Did we answer your question? If not, please email and we will do our best to take care of you!