A Freebie for Film Photographers (because everyone needs a break now and then)

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A Freebie for Film Photographers (because everyone needs a break now and then)


One of my passions in life is photography. Film photography specifically. There's just something about the negative and the whole ritual of it that just draws me in. It's authentic. Don't get me wrong, digital has its place too, but even when I was shooting only digitally I kept finding myself using presets and filters that made it look like film. As a person that doesn't even use plating on the hardware I build with, you can imagine I like something to be what it really is. Plain and simple. Those of you who enjoy the photoshop side of things, consider me a little jealous. I always wanted to. 

Most of the time, loaded in my own Peck Mountain Field Bag in one of those drop in camera bags is my camera (right now an Olympus OM4Ti) with some film, a spare lens, batteries, lens cloth and a flash. It's a match made in heaven.

With film becoming more of a niche product, you are starting to see prices rise on most of the popular emulsions. A pretty easy way to try to avoid this is to bulk load your own film, and in fact you're seeing more and more of this happening all the time. While reloadable film canisters are a great option, a lot of us wanting to save a few bucks have discovered that you can easily reload the commercial cans by taping new film to the exposed end of a used can. Genius! The problem that I had was remembering what was in there, as the film can is already labeled with the original emulsion that was inside. What to do?


So, I came up with this little sheet, and I want you all to have it too. Free. No money. Cashless. 


Why? Because I firmly believe that creativity shouldn't be stifled by a lack of funds. Ever hear of a starving artist? I was one. Still am sometimes. It's the price we pay to be creative, and anything that can be done to make life a little easier and less expensive is always welcome. So I want you all to have this. Print it out on a sticky sheet, or paper and a glue stick if that's what you're got. I'm not going to judge. Now you all can cover those cans to make life a little more organized, and know what film you're about to use.


Here's my disclaimer. YOU CAN'T SELL IT. This isn't for profit. I'm giving it to the masses, so you can't profit from it. Don't be that guy. 

So download it, print it, share it, use it. Just don't sell it, or change it. Pretty simple...right? Now go load up that camera, and have an adventure. That's what this whole shop is about anyway.

You can get it HERE


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